TrinityVote = On!

As you may have heard, we got our signatures. We needed 48,000 and got 80,000! That’s not a typo. Apparently, most all of the sigs have been verified before being turned in to City Hall.

It’s tough, because in this process I disagree with some people that I really like and hold a high level of regard. But this is about safety and carrying out the will of the people.

Angela is amazing. And so are all of the people that volunteered and did way more than me in this effort to bring the matter in front of the voters. Once again, she stated the voting for TrinityVote would not endanger any of the plans for the Trinity River Project.

Again, I am not opposed to the project but I am opposed to a high-speed tollroad going through the middle of the park. I am more worried about people that live in South Dallas, Cadillac Heights, Oak Cliff, West Dallas, and Pleasant Grove being losing their homes and dying. If we have 80,000 then hopefully we’ll have 80,000 people show up at the polls in November.


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