New Councilmembers Get Down to Business

To me, today was the first real council meeting of this session since Monday’s was solely to vote on the Mayor Pro Tem and Deputy Mayor Pro Tem.

I watched the first half of the today’s council meeting and listened to the rest on the radio. I came away impressed…and I told y’all that the meeting would start on time, contrary to a former mayor’s doubts.

Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway put City Hall on notice, letting them know that he is about “moving the clock forward” and being no-nonsense when it comes to neighborhoods with no sidewalks, public safety, and other issues.

Carolyn Davis made great statements regarding the South Dallas/Fair Park Trust Fund, the minor home repair program, and job opportunities in the southern sector. Mitch Rasansky and others thanked her for her statements.

Dave Neumann asked pointed budget questions and spoke up for West Dallas and Oak Cliff, particularly in the areas of crime and equity of public libraries. To some the questions seemed basic but it’s better to ask and vote properly than not. That’s why the City Manager and staff are at the meeting.

I was troubled by the comments on another blog by a defeated council candidate, which stated that the new councilmember in his/her district wasn’t up to par and “probably didn’t read the council packet.” Rather than fan the flames I’ll just say that we don’t need that kind of hating on the first day. It comes off like sour grapes for a person that couldn’t muster enough votes to make the runoff.

This day was about progress. I saw a lot of north-south partnering and collaborative support for everyone’s goals. I liked what I saw.


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