Congresswoman Johnson Congratulates District 30’s Latest Grant Winners

District groups won grants for scientific research and community policing

Washington, DC (June 22, 2007) – Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson extended congratulations this week to several recipients of federal grants.

Two researchers at University of Texas Southwestern and the Pleasant Grove Weed and Seed’s Mission Possible program were selected to receive grants from the departments of health and justice respectively.

“I am delighted that the research money keeps flowing to worthy projects from UT Southwestern and that programs such as Weed and Seed will have the funds to make our communities safer,” said Congresswoman Johnson.

The first UT Southwestern Medical Center grant provides more than $1 million over five years for the continuation of a postdoctoral training program in kidney research. Under the leadership of Dr. Peter Igarashi, the program trains physician-scientists who investigate kidney biology and disease and translate this knowledge into improvements in patient care.

The second research grant was awarded to Dr. Estelle Sontag. Dr. Sontag’s one-year grant of more than $400,000 will allow her to study the effects of certain brain chemicals in causing Alzheimer’s disease.

Finally, the Pleasant Grove Weed and Seed group of Dallas received nearly $200,000 to focus on reducing the number of firearms, establishing after school programs, providing job training and engaging in neighborhood revitalization projects. The bulk of the money will go to community policing efforts.

“I’m very pleased to see Dallas communities forming partnerships with law enforcement to improve the quality of life around our city,” said Congresswoman Johnson.


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