Oakley Lies about Tom Leppert Hit Job Website

Avi at Barkingdogs.org quoted Ed Oakley’s interview with Chris Heinbaugh, when Oakley was asked if he knew about the Truth about tom website:

Oakley denied any knowledge of the details about the website or the television commercial tied to it. In a News8 interview with Chris Heinbaugh (Gloves come off in Dallas mayoral race), Oakley tried to pass the commercial off as not that big a deal…

Oakley was asked whether his commercial hits below the belt. “You know what? I didn’t put the ad together, and… I don’t know, Chris,” Oakley said. “That’s an issue… it’s one of… I don’t know.”

HOWEVER, during his online webchat (link) at the DMN editors’ blog on Thursday Oakley suggests people check out his new website. The quotes:

The advertising I have emphasizes issues are completely properly part of the discussion…For more information go to TruthaboutTom.com.

Look at the end of the blog post…who wrote it?

May 31, 2007 2:26 PM | Ed Oakley (More) | Respond | Permalink

He also claimed that the Trinity tollroad shouldn’t go down Industrial because of the “landowners than have been down there for 30 years.” Aka the ones who donated a ton of money to his campaign and who’s number one goal according to their website is:

The (Trinity) Association is now poised to take action with regards to three new targets: 1. The election of Councilman Ed Oakley to be Mayor of Dallas.

This week, he wants to fight for the “landowners that have been down there for 30 years.” Last week, he wanted to take the land of a family that had been there for 50 years (link).

Now who’s the liar?


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