Dwaine Caraway Commercial is Now Online!

Have you seen the new Dwaine Caraway commercial? He recently taped a 90-second spot with WFAA, and it is now is now available (link).

Watch Dwaine and then watch the competition (here). You’ll only need one view to figure out that Dwaine is the superior candidate.

One candidate, Eugene Thomas, chose not to tape a commercial even though it was provided by WFAA free of charge. Thomas did, however, choose to put a bunch of illegal signs in the right-of-way near our campaign office.

Dwaine’s website is DwaineCaraway.com. His detailed 20-point plan can be viewed, along with an extensive list of supporters and endorsements.

Early voting begins April 30th. If you live in District 4 use your vote wisely and select Dwaine. He’s number 1 on the ballot.


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