Laura Miller Threatens to Suppress Voters?

Reading Back Talk, one of my favorite blogs from the publishers of the Lakewood Advocate magazine, it sure looks that way. Check out their post.

Schutze said the same thing on Unfair Park.

Cited in the Back Talk post is the KRLD podcast from the Ernie & Jay show, during which Laura Miller says things like:

On the issue of toll roads having their toll booths removed once the road costs are paid in full (like it used to be):

“Those days are over….there’s never going to happen that we’re going to build toll lanes when a toll disappears (her bad grammar, not mine).”


I leave you with a quote from Jim’s article:

Obviously the money bullies are going to line up against this petition drive, with Mayor Laura as the lead bully. What an absolutely depressing and totally disappointing legacy for her to leave behind.

74 days left to the inauguration, and the end of the LM era! What a happy day that will be!


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