Serving Two Masters, and Getting Your Money’s Worth

Too many people that are running for office are trying to serve two masters.

Everybody wants to be Mayor, but nobody wants to make a sacrifice:

Sam Coats is on the Board of TXI, but wants to be against the TXU coal plants because of air pollution risk. He’s also a director for Safety-Kleen. I think that’s a contradiction. Sam should quit the both boards immediately.(Sam’s response can be found here)

Maybe Sam and other candidates should decide which is more important: being on boards and being members of certain clubs, or being Mayor? Sam is an interesting guy, and qualified from a business standpoint to be Mayor, but despite the spin doctors this issue is a major problem for him.

One blog commenter who posted on DallasBlog put it best: Imagine if Laura Miller was on the board of TXU when the coal plant story broke? I like Sam, and he’s definitely on the right side of the Trinity Tollroad issue, but he should decide whether he wants to be Mayor or be on TXI’s board. He certainly doesn’t need the money.

Onto the lack of work or lack of quality work being done by many political consultants:

The job of a political consultant is more than overlooking marketing materials and taking people to high-priced dinners. Part of their responsibility is to minimize heat by TELLING their candidate when they’re WRONG, and when they’re being stupid. If you don’t do that, you are what is known as a flack, not a consultant.

Many campaigns have put their candidates in a bad position. They let their candidate go on television or radio and make comments or remarks that make them look worse than when the story broke. I’ve seen it so far with several campaigns.

A lot of these so-called consultants are living off of elections they were in 10 years ago. And it shows.

Maybe candidates should press their consultants to earn their keep. When you see the campaign finance reports come out in a couple of weeks, you’ll be stunned to see how much when their client’s candidacies are merely treading water.

It’s the candidate’s job to run; it’s the consultant’s job to make sure they don’t run into a sinkhole. I think of it like a boxer. He can be a world champion, but if he is surrounded by yes men his career is doomed and he will get complacent and knocked out like Buster Douglas did Mike Tyson. Do you think that Avery Johnson has pushed the Mavs to the best record in the league by giving everybody a hug when they made stupid plays? Probably not.

Several candidates with high-paid consultants are watching their campaign go up in flames. Such truths will become evident after May 12th. Remember, only two candidates can make the runoff.


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