Dallas Election Candidates

Here is a comprehensive list, from the City of Dallas.

As I mentioned in the last post, to be considered, you had to turn in 473 valid signatures by today. To get on the ballot for Council, you have to have between 25 and 63 signatures, depending on the Council seat. As a last resort, there’s always the write-in option.

Mayor – 13 candidates: Sam Coats, Darrell Jordan, Don Hill, Tom Leppert, Ed Okpa, Zac Crain, Gary Griffith, Roger Herrera, Ed Oakley, Max Wells, John Cappello, Evelyn Daniel, and Jennifer Gale.

District 1 – Elba Garcia (last term)

District 2 – Pauline Medrano, Justin Rosales, Gwain Wooten

District 3 – Dave Neumann, Joe Tave, Joseph Hernandez, Irby Foster, Rena VanHorn, Vicki Walton, Linda Wise, Charletta Compton, Kawania Lynn, Angela Phillips

District 4 – Dwaine Caraway, Gloria Hogg, Kimberly Jackson, Eugene Thomas

District 5 – Betty Culbreath, Jesse Diaz, Jurline Hollins, Vonciel Hill, Larry Holton, Don Robinson, Yolanda Williams

District 6 – Steve Salazar

District 7- Rev. Donald Parish, Carolyn Davis, Kevin Felder, Helene McKinney, Sharon Middlebrooks, Billy Ratcliff, Lashonda Young

District 8 – Erik Wilson, Clara McDade, Charles Rose, Sandra Crenshaw, Tennell Atkins, Theressa Washington

District 9 – Jill Kotvis, Sheffie Kadane, Albert Turner

District 10 – Jerry Allen

District 11 – Linda Koop

District 12 – John McClelland, Ron Natinsky

District 13 – Mitch Rasansky (last term)

District 14 – Angela Hunt, Joseph Glogowski


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