Check Out the New Dwaine Caraway website

As you know Dwaine Caraway is running for Dallas City Council District 4. We welcome you to check out his new website. The address is

In addition to neighborhood newsletters and videos, the site includes Dwaine’s comprehensive 20-point plan for improving District 4. It is not based on vague topics; there are detailed points on which Dwaine will focus. The site also includes downloadable photos for the media as well as recent news and press releases. Most of the plan is an extension of issues that Dwaine has been working on for years; it is not a function of election season.

I know, everybody likes photos of the candidate with well-known officials, etc. The photos aren’t up yet. Why? Because improving the district for its residents is more important to us than a bunch of glamour shots. Not to worry, the photos will be posted soon.

Since Dwaine is my client, I won’t lay it on too thick. I simply ask that you compare the plan which we have developed to the plan or lack of plan by the other candidates in the race, and then make your decision about which candidate you support.


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