The Little People Get the Shaft Once Again

I just got a press release and letter from the folks at Ash Creek Mobile Home Park. These are the folks near I-30 and Ferguson in the shadows of Tenison park (map)

In fairness to Mike Orren at Pegasus, he has at least given them an outlet to post their side of the story including photos, legal docs, and video. Too bad Chaney never even met with them. Surprised much?

I still believe that the owner could’ve done more to make sure they have a safe environment. Steve Crossett (said owner) did nothing to help these people until the City came down on him for various violations. A good landlord fixes problems to be a good landlord, and he failed miserably.

This is an unfortunate situation on all sides.

I have to decided to print following their e-mail to me, unedited and in its entirety:



In light of Dallas City Councilmember Leo V. Chaney’s, public claim of “helping” the residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park;

Save Ash Creek HOMES wishes to share an open letter to Leo Chaney that was written (but not made public; until now) before we received our “termination date.”

Although, we have already received our “termination date” of 5:00 p.m., February 9, 2006, the letter below may illuminate the “help”
Mister Chaney has offered so far.

This open letter to Mister Chaney, was on-hold, pending approval from SACH members.

Open letter to Dallas City Council Member, Leo V. Chaney, Jr.:
from SaveAshCreek Homes – Nov. 25, 2006

Hello Mister Chaney,

You know who we are.
We are the residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park.

We are primarily a Latino family park with many children.

You are a champion of the downtrodden, the oppressed, the poor.
We wonder, why does your compassion, for those suffering social injustice, not extend to the residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park?

You are our city council member. We live in your district and most of us, voted for you.

We have reached out, in various ways, for a dialog.

You do not respond.

We were able to arrange contact with you, on two occasions.

1) Barbara Cline, resident of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park, was in attendance at a meeting, but her identity was unknown to you; until she asked you about the Park. It was the only way we could talk to you.

You told Barbara that you would tour the Park: Anonymously.


Why? Are you a spy or something? We are honest people, expecting a fair shake from the city. So far, we haven’t gotten, it.

Members of the Dallas City Plan Commission, came to the park and spoke with us. They toured the park. They gave us a chance.

Do you think we will all get it together, tidy-up things and try and fool you? If it were only that easy.

We are who we are, but we do not deserve the “trailer park” genocide being waged against us by the Ferguson Road Initiative (FRI).

One definition of “genocide” is “deliberate and systematic extermination of a cultural group.”


If there was ever a unique culture group; it’s us.

We have been good stewards of the land for 57 years. We have dealt with copperhead snakes, possums and reports of 50 pound, hybrid coyotes roaming Ash Creek.

We have lived in peace until your organization, the FRI, sent provocateurs after us (albeit, inept provocateurs; at least on the ‘legal’ end of things) .

2) The Second time we were able to make contact with you, was when Park resident Jack Lougheed, (although you kept calling him Tracy) called-in to your radio show on KNON, 7 a.m. to 8 a.m., Thursday mornings. He asked a question about the Park and you eventually cut him off.

You are correct that the issue may never come before the city council but you are “our” City Council member.

Please speak with us about the deeply disturbing issues that concern the ambiance of the White Rock Lake areas. Once again, please speak with us. It’s your job.

Onslaught: three-story, big matchbox homes (we watch them as they are being built) forced on the White Rock area.

There are only so many huge, magnificent trees in our neighborhood.
Once they are bulldozed by big home builders, our area will never totally recover, ecologically.

Mister Chaney, how often do you drive on Ferguson Road and through the pleasing adjacent residential neighborhoods?

Why have you failed to respond to our communications?

Does it have anything to do with our ethnic make-up at Ash Creek Mobile Home Park?

Or might it be a preconception and type casting of people who live in a “trailer park.” You may not know that WE are nurses, school crossing guards, construction workers, domestic workers, artists, musicians, veterans, gourmet cooks, gardeners and retired seniors, mothers, fathers, and children attending nearby schools.

Have you and others determined that we do not count, that we are simply insignificant members of your District?

We are “seriously” starting to wonder about all of this.

It’s not like we are a bunch of troublemakers (as we have been “SO” incorrectly portrayed). Does that inaccurate portrayal, makes us, “less?”

We are your constituents.

We will call your office soon to try again to make a time to meet with you. Please meet with us; we need your help, advice and “City Councilman” expertise regarding our future at Ash Creek Mobile Home Park.


Save Ash Creek HOMES

Never mind, Mister Chaney… never mind…


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