The Truth about DHA and Little Mexico

The Observer’s Unfair Park (link) and DMag’s Frontburner (link) are reporting that the DHA is trying to fire Ann Lott because she refuses to go along with the sale of Little Mexico, the safest DHA neighborhood that we have.

Guy Brignon, the Chair of the Dallas Housing Authority Board claimed that no one has made any definite decisions about Little Mexico. Little Mexico is in the shadows of the American Airlines Center. It’s also a place where a ton of money has been spent for the Little Heroes field and other things. I wrote about it a couple of months back (link).

So Guy Brignon said nothing has been settled regarding Little Mexico, huh?


It was reported last night by Betty Culbreath on her website (link) that an application had been sought and a planner had been hired for possible rezoning or other moves. She reports that the public process was skirted in an attempt to cash in on the now-valuable location. Miss Culbreath is threatening to file a lawsuit on behalf of the taxpayers.

There are reports that there is already an official application in the works for DHA to rezone the property, which would clear the way for a future sale.

The community is going to fight this back-room deal tooth and nail.

We’re watching!


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