Dwaine Caraway Announces Candidacy for Dallas City Council Place 4

DALLAS, TX (November 10, 2006) – On Thursday, November 9th at the South Dallas Cafe, Dwaine Caraway officially announced his candidacy for 2007 Dallas City Council Place 4. Dwaine is the only announced candidate for Council Place 4 (map link). Dwaine has been active in community issues for over 30 years.

“From fighting drugs to bringing needed parks and facilities to helping all citizens on a daily basis, I will continue to fight on the behalf of the citizens of this District. Many of you know that I’ve always been available to help you get things done in the neighborhood, even when there is no election occurring. Now it is time to take that fight to City Hall.”

Dwaine has been called a go-to person on community issues. Most recently he has helped close crime-plagued hot sheet motels in South Dallas and Oak Cliff, and spoke in support of DART employees getting better support and employee benefits. Dwaine has a distinct plan that will greatly benefit the residents of District 4 and the City of Dallas. This plan is outlined in a newsletter which was available to attendees and is also on Dwaine’s website.

“The blight, crime, and lack of safety in our area is stifling the hope of our citizens. It’s time to unite for safer, better looking neighborhoods and more opportunity.” Dwaine is the clear choice for citizens in District 4 that want more opportunity and a higher quality of life in their neighborhoods.

“We have many issues to address. I talk with many residents who are prisoners in their own homes. They are scared of drug dealers, prostitutes, gangs, and violence. It shouldn’t be this way. Every day it seems like someone is the victim of violent crime in this area. Someone has to be willing to take a stand.”

Born and raised in Dallas, Dwaine attended Texas Southern University and is a graduate of Roosevelt High School. Dwaine is the former Vice Chair of the Dallas Park and Recreation Board.More information and a copy of Dwaine’s current newsletter can be found at www.dwainecaraway.com


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