From the Pimp the Community Collection

I just read about the latest energy drink on the market called … Cocaine. Seriously, that’s the name. It comes in an attractive red can and is marketed toward high schoolers and teenagers. The manufacturer is real proud of himself as seen in these quotes:

“It’s an energy drink, and it’s a fun name. As soon as people look at the can, they smile.”

“Instant Rush. NO Crash!”

It’s “the legal alternative” to the white powder drug.

Remember the board game Ghetto-opoly, which was a board game that was based on Monopoly and you won by buying stolen properties, building crack houses and projects? Well this is along those lines. Another irresponsible product for the sake of publicity and profit.

Unlike other websites, I’m not displaying a copy of the can or the website address.

Already available in Los Angeles in New York, the makers claim it will be sold nationwide by the end of the year. I guarantee you they will have a fight on their hands if they come to Dallas.


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