“You Have Dialed 911, Please Don’t Die…”

My wife and I were driving along Marvin Love freeway yesterday and saw a small grass fire that was growing at a decent clip. It looked like the result of one of those morons who smokes a cigarette and then flicks it out the window. You know the type…the same kind of idiot that started the fire next to the DFW airport toll gate a little while back.

Considering yesterday was a pretty breezy day, we figured we would report it and dial 911.

The first time, it rang for about a minute.

The second time, we were placed on hold (!) with a recorded message that was straight off the Bank of America customer dis-service line.

After 3 more minutes, we were able to report the fire and then wonder why it took so long to report an emergency.

It was a good thing I wasn’t shot or running from an angry mob, I’d probably be dead by now.


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