Voter Fraud

Jack Fink of CBS 11 had a great story last night about voter fraud in the Lancaster election (link). A woman that lost a Lancaster ISD school board race had proof that someone voted a dead person in her race. Jeff Melcher of Lancaster Rackets (link) filed a complaint after saw how the voting process was being handled, and another citizen was shocked when Jack Fink showed him that he (among others) had been voted twice with forged signatures.

Surprised much?

I have heard that this has been happening in Dallas for years. With the fortunes of many people that have contracts and others with jobs that need to be protected, along with nine-figure bond elections coming into play, the stakes are higher than ever.

I bet it hasn’t been fully exposed because, as in Lancaster, the people who have been wronged don’t have the money to file an all-out complaint or request an inspection of the ballots.

I’m most worried about the May 2007 elections in Dallas. Anyone who has asked my opinions about running for City Council or any other seat has heard the same thing from me…you better have the money to hire poll-sitters for EVERY precinct in your race. If not, don’t bother running.

Any local reporter that wants to make a name for themselves could have a field day by following this issue in November 2006 and May 2007.

The Dallas Morning News also had some interesting stories on voting machine issues (link) and (link).

Hopefully, these stories will cause a greater light to be shone on the election process.


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