Expect More from Your Community

We have to expect more. We have to expect more of ourselves, our businesses, and our community.

Take our grocery stores, for example. Our supermarkets, especially the Wal-Mart at 67 & Wheatland, are unclean and have trashed parking lots. The Albertson’s at Hampton and Ledbetter is quite overpriced compared to other places. I have also noticed that the selection is lacking compared to other markets north of I-30. With the exception of Minyard’s, those are the only two supermarkets in SW Oak Cliff. Newsflash to store owners: Black folks like to have choices too!

But it’s not all on the storeowners. In addition, WE have to step our game up. We have to let storeowners know that dirty stores are not acceptable, and that stale food is also unacceptable.

We have to expect more of the people that own businesses in the Southern Sector. Since moving to Oak Cliff I have noticed it more and more. The shopping centers are trashy, have poorly maintained parking lots, and allow undesirables to congregate in the parking lot and along the storefronts. Most of the shopping center owners South of I-30 also own property in North Dallas. The environment that persists in Southern Dallas wouldn’t last two seconds anywhere else, and the shopping center operators know it. But WE let it happen.

How do we accomplish this change in mentality and get real estate operators to act right? I am not sure. But I do know it is a problem.

Am I the only one that’s disappointed? Surely I am not the only one that sees this in our community.


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