Primer on Bama Pie by Dallas Progress

Robert Wilonsky just wrote a fabulous follow-up article on the Bama Pie Fiasco (link). Robert even talked to the man in charge of project, Derrick Mitchem.

The City should give him a medal for all the legwork that Robert did for this piece; this is investigative journalism. Kudos to the City Officials that are concerned about what happens to our tax dollars.

Here is my articles on the subject… including the infamous pictures in question.

“Bama Pie Building Still not Open – Chaney Promised Holiday 2005 opening” (link). Check out the comments below the article as well.

And for the record, no one said Mitchem stole the money. We just want an accounting of what was spent. And how could Chaney promise that is would be “Done by Christmas (2005!)” when clearly the guy is having some issues.

My goal was to have it heard at the Council level and to make people accountable for our City’s money – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.


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