Tragedy at a Recreation Center

As you may have heard, there was an attempted robbery and shooting at the Pleasant Oaks Recreation Center. The Center is located in Pleasant Grove (map). Channel 8 had coverage of the story (link).

Cheryl Lydick, who is a well-liked employee at Pleasant Oaks, was shot four times and is currently in critical condition. Another employee was injured as well.

I only talked with her once, but we had a great hour long conversation.

She wouldn’t hurt anyone. You could see how much the kids loved her. This is a woman who worked tirelessly for the kids of that community.

If you’ve ever met Miss Cheryl, you know that she would do anything for anyone.

Although we were talking for the first time, Cheryl let me put up my flyers to help get my business started.

I remember her talking about how the federal and local funding for Pleasant Oaks had dwindled and they were trying their best to keep programs going.

I am praying that she survives.

According to Channel 8, Schepps Dairy announced a $10,000 reward in connection with an arrest and grand jury indictment in the robbery and shooting. Anyone with information should call Dallas police at 214-671-3584.

If only we could get someone in office to take a stand on crime and protect the people who help our communities with the same fervor that they cheer for the Mavericks.

Can we get someone in office to take a stand on violence in this city? While everyone is running around trying to get political favors cashed in, hanging out at the W, OUR CITY IS DYING!

Now even the park and recreation centers are targets. Let’s see if anyone steps up to the plate.
Will the city help out Cheryl the way she helped the community?

Who will stand up?! WHO?!


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