This Shooting Could Have Been Prevented!

I think the police department and the business communities are both making some mistakes with regard to the incident at Club Angel over the weekend. They are leaving out a key component of the equation – the people in my age bracket that attend these parties. Unfortunately, I believe that these things will continue until all parties are at the table.

I realize that Chief Kunkle is in London right now at a crime conference, and can’t be reached. I am going to try to meet with him as well as my councilperson (Ms. Hunt, since she covers that part of downtown) in the coming weeks regarding this issue.

Solely suggesting that certain songs be banned and increased policing is not the end all.

According to people that I know that were at the party, these fights were occurring before the song was even played. This is based on 20-25 e-mails and notes I got yesterday. I personally know the DJ, and know him to be a positive guy that wouldn’t knowingly touch off a riot.

One of my best friends is the owner of a website that has over 190,000 registered users, most of which are under 30 and the main attendees of urban parties and clubs like these.

After the last multiple shooting in July, I offered to meet with the Downtown Neighbors Association to clear the air and have a meeting of the minds and work to put the clamps on this sort of thing happening in downtown Dallas. I got no response.

Do I like the song Put Yo Hood Up? No, I don’t like the song. But for a writer to suggest that it’s the music and nothing else is simply lazy reporting that will get a lot of agreement from their coterie.

We are never at the table when these press conferences occur, and we are never brought into discussions. We could have prevented this shooting, but no one wants to hear out point of view. Until they realize that they DO need our input, it’s going to be a long summer and a long year for downtown Dallas.


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