Keeping your Word – The Truth about Lancaster Kiest

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A lot of people have asked me why am I so strongly against giving $3.7 million for a shopping center revival in South Oak Cliff at Marsalis & Ann Arbor.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. I AM in favor or revitalizing Oak Cliff, but I also want people to keep their campaign promises. And Maxine Reese said her top priority was Lancaster-Kiest Shopping Center. However, she chooses to pour all of her resources into a shopping center that has never been mentioned, that’s owned by a top campaign supporter.

To top it all off, she is proud of the fact that she has released no details on the project. Such temerity is noted in Jim Schutze’s recent article.

For those of you that feel that the proof is in the pudding, I offer you these quotes and citations from verifiable public sources:

From the Mayor’s “State of the City” speech in June 2005. Here is the link. It is widely known that the Mayor asks for blurbs about ongoing plans to make this speech on behalf of everyone in the council.

“Dr. Maxine Thornton-Reese has a clear vision, too. She wants the Lancaster-Kiest Shopping Center to be totally redone to look like Mockingbird Station, filled with shops and restaurants and residential. And why not? It’s achievable – and needed. Lancaster-Kiest is on the DART rail line, just like Mockingbird Station. It is located on busy thoroughfares, like Mockingbird Station, close to residential neighborhoods and major hospitals. The economic drivers are there – we need the focus and dedication to make it happen.”

This was not disputed in any way by Reese.

This is from a Dallas Morning News Article, which was written as recently as March 2006. This was a summation of one of the neighborhood bond hearings (link)

“Arrivals to City Council member Maxine Thornton-Reese’s bond meeting at the Beckley-Saner Recreation Center started slowly. But 10 minutes into last week’s event, the house was packed; almost exclusively black, almost exclusively women.

And they’ve got big ideas. For alley paving and sidewalk repairs. For creek maintenance and storm water improvements. For better shopping options (particularly at the Lancaster Kiest center) and more visible police, especially around the area’s vacant lots.”

Again, I give you the link to the Citizen requests in District 4, from the Dallas City Hall website (click here – see page 54 and 55). The shopping center on Marsalis is not mentioned. Lancaster-Kiest IS mentioned.

So again, I raise the question – why THIS mall?


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