Only Way to Stop Maxine Reese Shopping Center Fiasco

Jim Schutze really brought it home in this week’s Dallas Observer by outlining the bond add-on meeting that occurred last week. (link)

Jim also does something that Maxine Reese never does when it comes to your tax dollars. It’s called MATH. He rightfully calculates that with the interest this shady undetailed exercise in screw-ups will cost $7.4 million.

I have written so much about the pork-filled, shopping center deal added on to the bond package by Maxine Reese, I don’t know what else to be said. This woman is so arrogant that she doesn’t even feel that an explanation of details is necessary for your $3.7 million.

She provides no details on the information she submitted to the city (link)
She provides no details to City Council and the general public (per Jim’s article)
No one asked for this project in any of the bond townhall meetings (link to District 4 citizen requests – read page 54 and 55)

It’s time to turn the plan into action.

There’s only one way to put the brakes on this program. Obviously, Reese put it in the program as an add-on, and anyone she endorses to inherit her seat as a space-taker on City Council is going to be 100% behind this fiasco.

That anointed person is Gloria Hogg. Gloria Hogg is the same person that I wrote about two months ago, that is running for City Council and taking out ads even though she sits on the Park Board. That is a flat-out violation of the City Charter, which I detailed in May (link)

The only way to put the brakes on this shopping center is to vote against Gloria Hogg in 2007. You must support, with your votes and financial commitments, another candidate in the race for City Council District 4.

Without that support, it will be like getting another 8 years of Maxine Reese. Can District 4 and the City of Dallas afford that?


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