“I Will not Reveal My Benefactors, as Saying those Names may Tend to Incriminate Me…”

According to Carolyn Barta at DallasBlog, Maxine Reese claims she is “not at liberty to say” who the real estate people are behind the $3.7 million shopping center add-on in the bond election. In almost every other real estate deal in which the city is involved, the companies involved are known waaaaay ahead of time.

Example: Forest City and the Mercantile
Hillwood and Victory Center Complex
and on … and on … and on

I bet you also didn’t know that Reese only had two bond hearings (to present the proposed Bond Package), BOTH AT CITY HALL at 630 at night! So the seniors and single parents and other poor people that can’t afford to make it downtown in the evening have no voice. Think about that.

The city spends more than $1 billion, you want $4 million for your pork-fest, and you don’t even have the decency to have meetings in the District. Could you imagine Bill Blaydes or Rasansky telling their voters that you have to come downtown to hear our plans? And people wonder why I write what I write.

Do I need to say any more?


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