Do you See what I See?
People ask me why I write what I write. Do you know why? It’s because our communities have a LONG way to go.

I have seen prostitutes with no upper-body clothing walking up and down the street in the daytime, while school kids walk home.

I have seen grocery stores that look like a bomb hit them. Overpriced dated meats sold by understaffed stores that take your money only because they have no choice.

I see shopping center owners (of all races) getting rich while they allow thugs to congregate and harass working people, kids, and seniors.

I see motel owners that allow full-scale prostitution, dope dealing, you name it.

I get pissed every time I hear about a kid caught in the crossfire. Why? Because my 5-year old sister was killed in a gang crossfire when my Mother was 8 months pregnant with me. That was in 1973 and NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Where I’m from, I’m used to elected officials in the ‘hood being outraged enough to hit the streets themselves and lead protests and put real laws on the books … not to cry about ‘the man’ and ‘the media’, but against the knuckleheads and thugs that treat the community like its personal toilet.

A lot of people in power treat the community in the same fashion.

I am optimistic. I KNOW it can change, but only if some major changes go down. Who cares if we have a shiny new building if Grandma is scared to walk down the street to go check it out?

I’m sick of everyone saying it’s North Dallas vs. South Dallas, this group vs. that group. It’s the media….it’s the police chief… it’s about everybody but the person in mirror. Good grief – it’s about right and wrong. Open your eyes! Do you see what I see?

And that’s why I write what I write.


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