Dallas Mavericks aren’t Ready to Win Title

We didn’t get robbed by referees this time.

They have a few great players. They have a great coach.
But they forgot a couple of things about basketball last night, and it came back to haunt them.

When you don’t drive to the hole and make the effort to get fouled, you don’t get free throws and you don’t win. You have to WIN the title, nobody’s going to give it to you.

The 2nd half rebounding was awful. How could you have people on the line that you know can’t shoot free throws, and then not crash the boards? How does Shaq box out three people on one play by just standing there. Too much watching of rebounds, not enough boxing out and fighting for boards.

My suggestions:
Get Ben Wallace in free agency. We need someone who is focused on rebounding and knows how to rebound. You can’t expect Dirk to do it all.

Please get rid of Stackhouse before he shoots again. Stackhouse is like Antoine Walker or Jason Williams. If he makes one shot, he won’t STOP shooting. His poor shot selection burned the Mavs as he shot time after time with too much time left on the shot clock.The lazy passes also hurt on several occasions.

The Mavs made some great strides towards being NBA champs. But you have to take the title, like the Heat did, no one’s going to give it to you. Congrats to Mark Cuban, Avery Johnson, and the Mavericks on a great season. We’re young, we have a great owner and coach, and WE’LL BE BACK!


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