I am Humbled

I never thought people from outside of Dallas would read my site, I never thought it would be more than a place where more than a few people here and there read my articles. Boy was I wrong.

Here are some of the places from which people have visited Dallas Progress:

Houston, Austin, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Singapore, New Zealand, South Korea, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, Rhode Island, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Phoenix, Florida, Kansas, New York, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Kentucky. Someone even read my site from the House of Representatives in another state.

Dallas Progress has taken off. I am so appreciative (once again) of the blogs that have mentioned my site as well as the word-of-mouth from others that said it was worthy place to visit.

While I acknowledge that this is one of the first blogs focused on the Southern Sector, that is not why I write. For the reasoning, read “Why am I Starting this Blog” from June 13th, 2006 and ‘Blogs Rock’ from June 15th.

Your support gives me the encouragement to continue to write, despite the detractors that are already working to take me down. What the heck are they afraid of? Why are people up in arms about at 32-year guy on the web writing about Dallas? Don’t they have more important things to do?

If you fit this description, you should get a (click here) and a (click here). But most of all get yourself one of these (click).


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