Why am I Starting this Blog?

There are three main reasons that Dallas Progress has now become necessary:

  • The younger African-American voter and voice is ignored in Texas and specifically in Dallas.

  • Many publications (some of them Black) ignore the stories of citizens who are making a difference. In an effort to stay friends with everyone, they do not do enough to tell the stories that affect Dallas’ minority communities. They are more focused on social events than things that can be problems and negatively affect our neighborhoods. This is not to attack the papers, but to provide an information source that is uncensored and gets to the point of the issue.

  • Most Black elected officials play the race card when it is not even relevant. They use it as a smokescreen to distract people from their real hidden agendas. Subsequently, when a TRUE racial issue does occur, no one believes us because we cry racism every two seconds.

The prominent political powers in Dallas are wrong to assume that we will vote for candidates just because they are Black, and that we support and vote for whomever the prominent Blacks endorse in this town. They have been trying to systematically squelch our voice to keep their river of money flowing.

We aim to expose the frauds whoever they may be, and whenever we endorse candidates (unlike a lot of folks) WE WILL TELL YOU WHY WE ENDORSE SPECIFIC CANDIDATES.

We will also produce articles and links to information that is relevant to our existence as young urban Dallasites and the world in which we operate.

I have been inspired by blogs such as Dallas.org, DallasArena, Frontburner, and DallasBlog who have used their medium to enlighten the public in many ways. I don’t agree with all of their comments, but I respect the fact that they take a stand on issues even when it affects their friends and colleagues.

I am closely watching any election that affects Dallas (city, county, state). We are specifically focused on the bond election and the Governor’s race in 2006, as well as the City Council and the Mayor’s race for next year.


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